Monday, 19 February 2007

pet peeves version 1.0

I don't want this site to be a place where i just sit and moan at all around me. But sometimes a good moan needs to be had, even if it's just to make me feel better. Here are my current issues:

1) Being phoned by robots.
This is the second month now that I have been harassed by an unknown company offering me interest free credit. It starts with a phone call, where I get asked if I want "cash in a flash" and I must push any key to find out more. There was no mention of any company, nothing. After the 4rth time of hanging up the call, I decided to push any button to speak to a human to find out which company they represented. I got through to what sounded like the loud background noise of call centre, and no one answered my repeated "hello, HELLO?"... The second time I pushed a number (yes, they keep calling me) I did get through to a human that heard me. She said "yes?" so I asked which company I had gotten through to. She hung up. Now I can't call back because they're calling me.
The calls have not stopped, I got another 3 today, and I still don't know which company is at the source of this madness.
At least with the other companies that harass me for their credit, I know who I'm dealing with and can take action. (Which I will do if flippen Nedbank send me any more SMS's offering me credit)
Is anyone else receiving these highly annoying calls? Please comment here, let's turn this into an Internet Investigation!! Heck, if this works we can branch out and have a site dedicated to this, drawing all CSI-wannabe's from around the country. POP, ok, back to reality.

At least if I knew who it was I could get them to hound my bad payers: (people like Two Tone Branding who owe me R5600 since February 2006) - yes, it's unprofessional to mention them, but hey, they've been promising "we'll pay you next friday" for 4 months now, so I don't believe they actually intend on paying me. Anyone know the laws on me mentioning this publicly on this site? If they sue me, or pay me, I'll remove this entry. (If you're from Two Tone and you're reading this, go with the paying me option please!)

2) Seeing my taxes subsidise cheap air travel
SAA, and Mango give us cheap rates because our tax-Rand is being pumped into their business to support them. So the prices are cheap, but paid for by us, who knows what we're paying really. Also, what about the other airlines who are trying to run a decent business. This parasitic nature is obviously big in the business world, but it shouldn't be actively funded by the government. Also, service levels are affected: why should a business give good service to attract return customers, when 1) their subsidised low price will do that, and 2) no matter if they treat the customers like rubbish, and their profits dive, they'll be handed a bundle of cash to run their business anyways...

3) Bad internet connections
When can I have real bandwidth like my friends overseas? Please please? when?

Thats it for now.


Yzerfontein said...

That Mango flights are subsidised by the SA taxpayers (which include Kulula and 1time) is an oddity, especially given the fact that it's a regressive taxation (the poor don't fly) in a country which prides itself on helping the poor.

Billy Einkamerer said...

Exactly! I never thought of that part though, they they fund their competition through their taxes...