Tuesday, 05 June 2007

textmate and svn

I'll keep this short cos I know I'll bore many. I needed to install svn on my mac, which was relatively straight forward. I found that the graphic interface plugin to the Finder left a LOT to be desired. It was nothing near as easy as the TortoiseSVN on pc. So, after manually clicking through about 200 files, I was fed up enough to read the manual and try the command line version, which works great. Ofcourse, the first time i got thrown into VI on a commit I panicked, forgetting my all important commands: i for insert, escape for stop inserting, :wq to write and quit. Simple? yes, but try that after you've started typing wildly into the editor who you've just told to divide by zero in VI commands...

Enter Textmate. I've been happily using Textmate to edit my code and then apply the changes to SVN from command line. No more, it's all built into Textmate as an SVN Bundle! Pretty impressive.

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