Thursday, 30 August 2007


I've found the perfect app for the hours-on-end-in-front-of-computer users. It's called Time Out and its free. What this program does, is it forces you into a break at a scheduled time by blanking out your screen. You get normal and micro breaks. A normal break defaults every 50 minutes and lasts 10 minutes, a micro break happens every 10 minutes and lasts 15 seconds. You can change the duration at will.

The only thing I didn't like about this app, was the picture that came up during the break... the whole yoga meditating person thing... I think I found that as distasteful as a new-ager would find a message popping up saying "Jesus is the only way to God". So, learning from another tip on how to change program pictures, i tried to see if I could change the image, and I did.

This is what the original image looked like:

Here's how you change it. You select the file in Applications (obviously after you've installed the program). Right click and go "Show Package Contents". Go into the Contents and then Resources folder. You'll see the icon as TimeOutBreak.png. Replace it with this one (or any png file you want to use, just name it TimeOutBreak.png):

And voila, the new image is called. Now I just need to figure out how to edit an icon file. :)

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