Tuesday, 09 October 2007

desmond tutu lashes out

Desmond Tutu has made some surprising statements recently in an address in Cape Town. I say surprising not because they are words that you don't hear often, I say this because they betray his so-called calling as a man who represented the church, who was a bishop even. It gets ugly when (supposed) ministers seek political esteem.

What he said can be seen here: Heaven's not for Christians only.

Let's look at some of his statements quickly:
  • Most of us think God is a Christian, but if you think that God is going to tell the Dalai Lama 'you're a good person, but sorry you're not a Christian' then (I say) rubbish.
Um, ok. I also say rubbish, here's why: Getting to heaven is NOT based on good works, but on God's work done in Jesus Christ. To sum it up quickly, we're all rubishes, whether we believe it or not. If judged by the law of God, even the Dalai Lama would fall short, even Ghandi, even Mother Theresa! Mother Theresa won't get to heaven on her good deeds, but on the redemptive work of Christ on the cross, and her reliance on that will attribute God's righteousness to her by FAITH, which should cause her to live a devout life, full of good works.

I agree that God is not a Christian, a Christian is a follower of Jesus Christ, the Spirit of God, and God the Father.

  • "We've conveniently forgotten that Christians burnt witches at the stake. It wasn't pagans responsible for the Nazi genocide - it was Christians," Tutu said.
Woah D.T., what's with the poison for the people you claim to serve and represent? Anyhoo - The biblical definition of a follower of Christ is just that, a follower of Christ. The bible states clearly that if you claim to love God, yet hate your brother, you're a liar and the truth is not in you. My argument would be, someone doing heinous things would NOT qualify to be called a follower of Christ, even if they proclaim it themselves. It's kinda like me saying I'm a vegetarian while tucking into a large juicy steak.

Besides, in my opinion - It is a stronger argument to say that Nietzsche and evolutionism influenced Hitler more than Christianity.

  • He said it had also been claimed that apartheid was supported by the scriptures and the symbol of the Ku Klux Klan was a cross.
Ah yes, I hear this often. Anything can be twisted way out of context to suit your needs. I think that D.T. wants to take something that still incites a lot of raw (and validly so) emotion, namely racism, and pin that blame badge to Christianity. History does reject this though, it was Christianity that freed up America from slavery. The same in Britain with John Newton and William Wilberforce. I believe it had a strong role to play in freeing up this nation too. All the while, in all cases, you have your people twisting scriptures to justify their views.

To sum up, I think D.T. has used some popular pithy sayings to gain acceptance from his audience. I don't think he's looked into the topic, and it's clear he no longer stands on orthodox Christian teachings. In fact, he seems to have turned about-face, attacking the church with his views which lean towards universalism.

I'll end with a quote from G.K. Chesterton (from Orthodoxy):

Thoroughly worldly people never understand even the world; they rely altogether on a few cynical maxims which are not true.

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