Monday, 15 October 2007

what a weekend!

saturday: crater cruise.
I started off really early to get to my friends place on time to get to the race in Paryl on time for the start. On my way, half asleep I drove past Hans Strydom drive and found the sign said something like MollyBingo drive. Another name change, another sense of foreign familiarity. I pressed on.
We got to Parys in time for the start but stared up at the ominous storm clouds with hesitation. Should we pack it in and go find breakfast somewhere? No, we ride. I remembered that I didn't bring my raincoat and prepared myself for a very wet 106km. The funny thing about the start of the race, is that we didn't officially start! We were looking for the start, riding around Parys on our bikes, and got directed by some very friendly cops along the way, little did we know that we'd joined the actual race.
The nice thing bout the crater cruise, i was told, is that it's flat. Well, this year they decided to throw in a hill or two. Which was nice variety, but I don't do hills too well.
I was an incredible race, and great to see so many people participating. See, we actually caught up with a bunch of people at the one crossing of the crater, which was bottle necked and had a queue of riders going back far. Being from Joburg, queues and lot's of people was a welcome sight. In races (esp. sprint adventure races) - it's normal for me to be so far back that you don't see others for a long way!!
After an hour or two, the clouds gave way to some sun and we got a good roasting. Better than being drenched in my opinion!
My friend was right, those last 10km were the longest 10km in my whole life! So much for me gunning it in the end. I was very glad when i saw the finish line, but they tease you - you're right there, and then the route turns away and you go through this bushy one track maze before you actually get there. All in all, it was a great race. Not too much corrugation also, I think they'd graded many of the dirt roads.
I'll definitely do it again. Next time, I'll gun it in the last 10km!

sunday: what a game!
What can I say, what an awesome game. Both teams played with heart but we were really performed well. It was a very exciting game to watch, esp. those break-away tries (well, one official and one not awarded)!
All I have to say about next Saturday is: BOKKE!!

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Simunza S. Muyangana said...

Malibongwe Drive.

Malibongwe means "praise the women". It's usually used in reference to the 1956 women's march against carrying passes.