Wednesday, 09 January 2008


standing, looking at the people, walking in their routine, addicted to their schedules
appointments made - keep busy, thats when we won't notice
something's sorely missing
this life we're all so happily escaping
searching for
anything that will pass the time
anything that will close our eyes
anything that will justify, ourselves.

the smile fades, tears come slowly rolling, down the face of hope,
now, realising the sharp pain
seeing the rejected disgraced and the shallow esteemed

starting to run now
the goal in sight
to empty the depth and fill it with emptiness
to scrape away the very last spot of a reminder of the nobler cause
and polish the bubble and fake smile
the teeth for laughing also for biting
words of hatred wrapped in eloquence

comatose we live, and in a lie we lie and sleep
dreaming that things are better this way

a slave to our freedoms, trapped in our own snares
the more we struggle to rest, the more the rest struggle
as they realise too, that nobody cares

spiral downwards into a dark and lonely place
no longer high on the fumes of getting by, a seeker finds that he is lost
and now at last
he can be found.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Very deep stuff man, draws a painful, and oddly true picture. Keep it up!