Wednesday, 04 June 2008

coals of fire...

that last line, is one of my favourite quotes, this is by Charles H. Spurgeon (or Chuck, as I call him).

Coals of fire cannot be concealed beneath the most sumptuous apparel, they will betray themselves with smoke and flame. Neither can pet sins be long hidden beneath the most ostentatious profession of faith; they will sooner or later discover themselves, and burn sad holes in a person's reputation. Sin needs quenching in the Savior's blood, not concealing under the garb of religion.


Mandrake said...

Guess same would apply to clergy playing with themselves under their frocks, their members(pun intended) betray them.



Billy Einkamerer said...

Regarding the coals of fire: it applies to everyone: like aging and death. We can choose not to think of it, we can ignore it, we can deny it - but it does happen.