Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Today's gonna be good..

I have my reasons:

  1. I got this blogger interface to work again. It was having trouble under the old editor.
  2. I have FINALLY gotten MWeb to do what we asked them to do. 
  • I first informed them of our intention to transfer on the 7th of June. 
  • I requested a cancellation of my client's account on the 23rd of June.
  • After some back and forth, we got the document we needed to cancel, and my client sent it through on the 27th June.
  • No word from MWeb.
  • I followed up.
  • We get a request from MWeb on the 5th of July, asking what we want to do with this domain.
  • I, as the technical contact on this account, reply, and ask them to urgently open the domain for transfer.
  • This gets ignored.
  • We follow up.
  • It gets ignored.
  • I post my frustration on Twitter, and a friendly MWeb person assures me they will look into this. 6 July this is.
  • He escalates the issue.
  • Nothing happens.
  • 8 July I follow up, he escalates it again.
  • Nothing happens.
  • 9 July, I call Mweb Customer support. The lady on the phone assures me that this will get sorted this day, she will SMS me when this is done.
  • Nothing happens.
  • Today, I call MWeb again, speak to a friendly guy called JP who puts up with my rant. Once I feel better I give the account details and he looks into it. Finds out that it is still not up for transfer. He does what he can and actually sorts it out, for which I'm grateful. I then explain that MWeb owe my client an apology for taking so long. He comes back with something about a mail being sent to my client about what to do with the domain. I said I answered that. He said, she needed to.
  • So, transfer has been sent through, and I'm waiting to see if it goes through, I expect it will.
I have some advice for anyone dealing with MWeb:
  • If you want anything done, plan for it - they take 24 hours to get back to you with an automated reply.
  • If you want to cancel an account, plan to do it - I recommend 2 months in advance, start telling them and trying to cancel.
  • Add the MWeb Twitter guy - while not much happened, he did give me hope, and hope is powerful when dealing with Mweb.
  • Oh, and instead of getting a technical person to help you, learn the stuff your self. Or send ALL correspondence from the account holder's account, as the account holder; else it's pretty much not valid.

I think that's all... today's going to be a good day! Back to coding Ruby, my favourite language :)


Anonymous said...

Hi Billy, we obviously don't want our customers to leave us but that's no excuse for this kind of service. It's just not good enough, please accept my apologies. I've got someone looking into it to see what went wrong, and how we can avoid a repeat performance in the future. Regards, Derek Hershaw.

Billy Einkamerer said...

Hi Derek, Thanks - I appreciate that. I accept your apology. Please once you find out, if you could contact my client and give them an update, as they were the most inconvenienced by this delay.

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