Monday, 22 August 2011

relaxed, ready for the next half of the year!

Just returned from an incredible weekend away at Magalies - went to mountain sanctuary park. I hope to definitely be returning there soon! (Next time with grounding for my sleeping bag). Seeing the stars display their array of beauty at night made me stand in awe of our Creator as well as feel quite small and insignificant at the same time.

I've also forgiven the baboon that took the meat we cooked Sat night (it was going to be our lunch on Sunday).. That took a lot, as I wanted to hunt him down with a paintball gun (I could have - I had mine with!) But then I thought he might have more friends and I don't have that many paint balls..

Swimming in the river was icy and awesome - it was a bittersweet experience, and wow, the trails were great.. I'm glad we didn't bump into one of the many snakes that inhabit the region, I think they all hibernating actually.

So yeah, I'm ready for the rest of the year - a bit late, but I'm amped now to get back into the trenches.

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Majid Ali said...

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