Saturday, 10 March 2007

free designs, free IDE's

OK, I've known about this for a while, and I've told some people, but I think the site needs more credit. For those of you looking for a free designed website, where all you need to do is adapt the content and throw in your logo, look no further. Check out Terms and conditions may apply, you might need to leave the designers details in the source code or something. Definitely worth checking out for a quick and nasty look. I sometimes send people there to tell me the kind of look they're looking for, and design accordingly - customising it.

Now, I've just heard on the Hal Helms and Jeff Peters podcast that there is a nifty new IDE for web developers called aptana. It's based on Eclipse and apparently is very well suited for web development, including AJAX, CSS, HTML and your scripting languages of choice (PHP, Coldfusion et al). I'm busy downloading it and will rant or rave about it later.
The other thing they mentioned was wink. Looks good but I don't need that now. It's a presentation builder of sorts, recording what you're doing on screen. Check them out...

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