Wednesday, 14 March 2007


Every few weeks or months, you come across a site that just blows you away. Either because of it's look, or more often, because it is the execution of a brilliant idea. Enter Quizlet. It's a study aid site, the 21st century i-need-my-computer version of flashcards, and it is so well done I have to mention it to the at least one person I know reads this who isn't me.

It's great for learning vocabulary, also for definitions, dates, anything flash-cardy. I'm going to use it to memorise scripture, and learn more French and Russian vocab. Heck I might throw up some Vietnamese sets myself.

How it works it simple. You register, then from there you can either Create your own set of words, or look at the thousands of existing sets. With a set you can familiarise yourself with it, learn it or test yourself. Your stats are all recorded too. I think it's a great idea... What's even more facinating, is this site was built entirely by a high school student.

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