Sunday, 29 July 2007


Just a quick note to you mac users, once again the other day I was blown away by some standard mac features, this time it was by the little OS X robot called Automator.

I had some music backed up, a double disc-set and I needed to rename all the files, to prepend them with the singer's name. I could have sat and clicked through and taken 8 minutes (pfff, not likely), I could have written a shell script (but I don't do that much) - so I tried automator. It was easy, and I was done in under 3 minutes. Most of the time was figuring it out. I did it again to show someone and it took me seconds...

So, check out automator, one of the little things jammed into a mac which helps with mundane repetitive tasks. After all, repetitive tasks are what a computer should be good at!

Some download-able scripts are available here. Or use the built in steps and play around...

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