Monday, 09 July 2007

the little coding factory comes to life...

The first training workshop on Saturday was a great success. We jammed 10 people into my little flat to learn web development, starting with HTML. 5 people couldn't make it, which means next workshop might need to be in a new venue!

To backtrack a bit, the idea behind this free training is to equip people who want to get into web technologies with the necessary skills so that they can become available for work. There is already a lot of interest in using the students for non-profit and corporate work, and two potential job interviews await the best.

The manual is available online here. More manuals will be done as we progress.

If you are interested in using the newly produced web developers for your own corporate or charity project, contact me directly.


Simunza S. Muyangana said...

Awesome bro ... you finally did it!

I think we first discussed doing this in ... '99.

Billy Einkamerer said...

yeah! :) Feel free to join us hey!