Monday, 30 July 2007

coldfusion 8 released

July 30th is a good day. I've been 30 for 4 days. I'm with the girl of my dreams. Life is good.

And now CF 8 has been launched. I'm busy downloading it now! Just in time for one of my major projects starting, which was done in CF 7. CF 7 didn't work easily on my intel mac, but CF 8 is a universal binary, and the beta installed and worked just great. So now I have successfully moved across entirely to my mac.

Even though my main area of focus is now PHP and Symfony, I guess I'll always have a soft spot for CF. And will continue to develop in it if the demand is there.

Watch this space for the new Auction Explorer Books site in Symfony, and the new MISA site in ColdFusion; all due this year (before Leopard!). Like I said, life is good.

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