Sunday, 29 July 2007

I've recently been exploring some podcasts through iTunes and have found an overwhelming number of helpful lessons, discussions and tips! Podcasting is not exactly new stuff, but I'm finding the quality of these free lessons remarkable. One I discovered today, in my quest to learn Vietnamese was one from They offer free audio lessons, and give you the option of paying for premuim material (a downloadable PDF, some bonus lessons, etc). I haven't bought it yet, but have downloaded the lessons and found them very good.

Also found some Russian lessons. Search iTunes store for "spoonful of Russian" and you should find it. There are many languages to choose from. But my joy with iTunes doesn't stop there - there are many IT related podcasts too! My favourites are the Adobe Creative Suite Video Podcast, Apple Quick Tip of the Week, php|architect's Pro PHP Podcast.

There are also free lectures and discussions available from iTunes U, or iTunes University.

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